Murder and Chips is the UK's premiere Murder Mystery Troupe and can be relied upon to make your event - be it a wedding or a birthday or a whatever - a truly memorable night to remember. Choose from any of our entertaining plot scenarios that can be tailored to suit your every occasion!

Please note - we do NOT organize venues or meals. We are providers of entertainment only.

All our actors are professional people and have a deep love of the craft of acting - not to mention the ART of murder!

All our events are set in the "Roaring 20's" and bow ties and flapper girl head dresses are provided as well as a framed certificate and prize for the lucky detective who guesses "whodunnit" at the end of the evening.

Photo of the mansion exterior


Murder and Chips latest news!!!

11th June. Meet our newest member!

The troupe would like to formally welcome its newest member David Sowerbutts. A keen amateur sleuth, David is somewhat of an expert in murder and the macabre!! He will be an invaluable new member of the company. Learn more about David here:

26th June. A real tradegy

Sad to report the death of our chief organiser and founder member of Murder and Chips, Graham Whittaker - who was tragically killed in an accident recently.

We are all devastated at what has happened - but in the spirit of Graham, who was never one to miss a booking, it will be business as usual, since the Christmas season is upon us, and we have lots of events coming up. As next in line to the throne, as it were, I will be taking over the running of Murder and Chips.

3rd July. More tragic news

More shocking news befell us today, our long standing friend and actress Cheryl McGinnis has passed away in what seems to have been a most bizarre accident.

Our prayers go out to Cheryl's family at this very sad time. If you are an actress and would like to audition for us please contact me. We are looking for a quick learner with singing and dancing skills. Accents are a bonus, but not essential. Own car preferrable (I can't be picking up and dropping off at stations hither and thither).


  • Graham

  • Martin

  • Cheryl

  • David

  • Robin

  • Lorraine

Tools of the trade

  • A UV Lamp
    UV Lamp
  • A Magnifying Glass
    Magnifying Glass
  • A pipe
  • A Deerstalker hat
    Deerstalker Hat

Choose from one of the following stories

A sheet of music with blood

Goodham's Girls

Is the story of a new musical and the back stage rivalries that end in several grisly murders.

Characters include:

Lady Pepperpot
The old theatrical Diva who expects to be the new leading Lady in the show.
Al Bigshot
The new director and producer of Goodman's Girls.
Miss Behaving
The newest star of the stage, and scheming to win Al over.
Peter Punch
Stage hand and all round good guy.
Miss Penny Gossip
The newspaper reporter and busy body.
A blooded knife on a platter

Foppington Manor

Classic murder in the mansion story and one of our most requested.

Characters include:

Lord Foppington
Lord of the manor, holding his annual get together to announce his engangement to his THIRD wife!!!
Trixie Van Diamond
American glamour girl with her eye on the Foppington fortune.
Colonel Buster
Family friend and fiercely jealous of the Lord's new wife.
Reverend Goodly
Here for yet more charity work, and to oversee the marriage of Lord Foppington and his new wife.
Miss Tipsy
The comically drunken cook!
The faithful butler and man servant to Lord Foppington. Is his loyalty about to be stretched to the limit?

Please contact us to arrange booking, and also to discuss any changes that may need to be made to scripts to incorporate the "birthday boy" or "happy couple" at your event.

A severed finger

Haunted Honeymoon

Is a Halloween event and involves a pyschic medium and a séance that goes horribly wrong!

Characers include:

Vlad the Medium
The camp Russian medium with a penchant for ladies jewellery
Bobby Bullet
The film star seeking advice from "the other side"
Catherine Blood
The sceptic who sees through every scam.
The Tweedle Twins
Identical twin brothers who cause much confusion where ever they go! (Since one actor plays both parts, the twins are never seen together).
Sir Antony Frog
The hose of the party and interested in all things mystical - including Vlad!
A bloody heart shaped box

Valentine's Day Mayhem

Set during the time of the prohibition, this story is set in New York and has a "gangster" style feel. Stripy suits and guns galore! (Please note, we once did this scenario to a party of policemen at a convention in Brighton and it was taken too seriously and ended in several arrests. The guns are all licensed and made safe. Proof upon enquiry).

Characters inlcude:

Al Capuccino
The head of the Family and the biggest crime boss this side of Manhattan.
Kathy Kooky
The mobsters gal and singer in the night club, The Blue Parrot
Ed "Eddy" Edson
The rival crime boss - about to try and take over the city.
Mickey Twotoes
The young tearaway who thinks he knows better than everyone. Dangerously in love with Kathy.
Ginger Perfect
Kathy's rival in the club and out for revenge!